BEST Android Apps to Clone

BEST Android Apps to Clone

Do you wish to use two instances of an app? Say — WhatsApp. With one account for work and therefore the other for private use. But are struggling to seek out ways to run multiple instances of an app. Well, unfortunately, no app (by default) offers the power to use two of its instances at a time. So, the sole thanks to make this possible is to clone an app.

App cloning may be a process, with the assistance of which, you’ll re-create an app (clone app) of an existing app, to switch it to satisfy your needs, and use it to perform actions, otherwise restricted. There are two ways to make a just like an app: recreate the app from scratch by writing code or recreate the app using third-party software.

Parallel Space

is the best clone app for those that want to balance their professional and private life. Because with the assistance of this app you’ll create multiple clones of any app which is installed on your android device. Also if you’re a gamer who plays games with different accounts then don’t worry. Because Parallel Space also can create clones of games to serve you a far better experience.

Clone App

I really like this Clone App due to its cool features like dark mode, and 0 ads. It means you’ll use this app without watching annoying ads with a premium feel. The dark mode feature is for those that usually use their phones within the already dark . Another good thing about Clone App is, that it’s a really small size app which takes only 8MB of your device storage. And if you would like to cover clone apps from people than you’ll also customize icons of these clones.

Multi Parallel

Multi Parallel is an app that permits you to form many clones of one app. It means if you’re an individual like me who manage different websites with their social media accounts. Than this clone app is formed for you. Also, hide all the clone apps from people with the password protection of Multi Parallel. And if you would like to customize icons
of the cloned apps than it’s also a cup of tea. Because everything during this app is extremely easy to know .

Dr. Clone

Dr.Clone may be a very famous and well-known app for creating multiple duplicates of your games and social media handles. In Dr. Clone you’d see two tabs that differentiate your hidden or unhidden apps which helps you to seek out them quickly. you’ll also use it without watching 3rd party annoying ads, it means Dr. Clone is 100% liberal to use. the sole thing which isn’t good about this app is, that you simply can’t make copies of a number of your apps and games because they’re not supported by Dr. Clone.