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With 2020 upon us, whether it’s eating more vegetables or finally using that overpriced gym membership, you’re probably fully goal-setting mode. New Year’s resolutions are meant to be broken, right?

Perhaps when it involves personal goals, except for marketing goals, now’s the time to tackle your strategy with full-force.

best free social media management tools
Organization is one among the keys to success in marketing, so if you’re not managing your social platforms, or, if you’re workplace , managing your clients’ social media accounts, with a social media management tool, that must change today!

Not only will employing a social media management tool make your life substantially easier, it doesn’t got to undergo rounds of budgeting approval – because there are many robust free tools out there to assist you accomplish all of your social marketing goals in 2019.

Social management platforms will assist you manage multiple social profiles in one place, schedule posts beforehand , run contests, track analytics across platforms, and therefore the list goes on. These tools really are game changers for your social strategy!

And lucky for you, I’ve rounded up an inventory of the seven best free social media management tools to include into your 2019 strategy, starting with my personal favorite, Hootsuite!

#1: Hootsuite
Hootsuite features a special place in my heart, likely because it’s the primary social media management platform that I used at my very first job as a Marketing Assistant. At the time, i used to be managing the company’s social strategy before social advertising had really began . I can still remember the hours upon hours i might spend producing a posting content calendar and setting reminders for myself to tweet at certain times. This was until I discovered Hootsuite and my life as a frantic Twitter bird instantly changed.

hootsuite free social media tools
So what does the Hootsuite free plan include? this feature is decently robust with the power to:

Manage 3 social profiles in one place
Schedule 30 posts beforehand
Generate leads with social contests
The free plan also includes basic analytics for tracking followers and various growth and content statistics and two RSS feed integrations. Not too shabby!

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