Facebook-owned photo-sharing platform Instagram has announced the newest step to purge inauthentic likes, follows and comments from accounts that used third-party apps to spice up their popularity.

The company said that it’s built Machine Learning (ML) tool to assist spot accounts that used automated apps to get likes and follows from fake users to supply a fake impression that they were enjoying more attention than they really did.

“This sort of behavior is bad for the community… and violates our Community Guidelines and Terms of Use,” it said, reports Xinhua press agency .

Instagram advised its users to not use third-party apps to access their accounts by sharing their username and password, warning that such behavior may have their login information hacked or exposed and their accounts being exploited to send spam.

“These new measures are going to be ongoing, and accounts that still use third-party apps to grow their audience may even see their Instagram experience impacted,” the corporate said.

Instagram has long been fighting unauthentic activity on its platform by removing fake accounts, but it’s not taken similar action against false likes before.

The company’s updated step to enforce policy followed its parent company Facebook’s recent campaign against misinformation and foreign attempts to exert political influence among its users.