Gojek is an On-Demand Multi-Services App that offers 30+ types of assistance in a solitary stage. The client likewise inclines toward this application as all the on-request benefits are accessible in a solitary application, the client doesn’t have to download a lot of use. Startupmart offers the Best Gojek Clone App called “Kojak” for your multi-administrations business. Connect more clients to your business with our Gojek Clone App having moving highlights, appealing portfolio, easy to understand the activity, and modified functionalities. Become acquainted with the work process of our Gojek Clone named “Kojek”.

gojek clone app

Working of Our “Kojek” – Gojek Clone App

Gojek Clone App is a collecting of the apparent multitude of administrations that are required in everyday life on a solitary stage. It permits the client to encounter the total usefulness and ease of use. The work process of our Gojek Clone App can be characterized into three classes for better understanding. They are:

Transportation Service work process:

At first, the client must sign in/information exchange into the application. A client can likewise get into application utilizing web-based media accounts. After the fruitful enrollment, the client can choose the ideal help. It tends to be one among the accompanying administrations:

– Taxi Service

– Car Rental

– Two-wheeler Service

– Two-wheeler Rental Services

– Packages and Movers

In the wake of choosing the administration, the client needs to book a specific transportation administration. Prior to the booking affirmation, the assessment of the charge subtleties will show on the screen.

On the off chance that the client approves of the admission, he/she can affirm the booking. The Driver who is in the closest area will acknowledge the ride.

The driver finds the area of the client which is shown on the driver’s screen on the guide. Utilizing the guide coordinated into the application, both the client and the driver feel simple to locate each other’s area. At that point, the client appreciates the ride. After the finish of the ride, the installment cycle should be possible by installment passages. We offer different installment doors so the client can pay without any problem. At last, the client can give criticism, appraisals about the ride to the driver. This assists in keeping up the norm of the application.

Conveyance Service Workflow:

One can send bundles of any size starting with one spot then onto the next. Regardless of what the thing is, it very well may be conveyed in the right location. Different conveyance administrations can be offered to your clients, they are:

– Food Delivery

– Flower Delivery

– Grocery Delivery

– Courier Delivery

– Alcohol Delivery

– Common Delivery

To encounter a conveyance administration, the client needs to as normal sign-in/information exchange into the application. At that point the client needs to pick a necessary conveyance administration from the rundown. It tends to be food conveyance from the café or a client who needs to send a dispatch to somewhere else, and so on.

The client needs to choose the necessary thing for conveyance and affirm the request. The café/store will acknowledge the request. When the café acknowledges the solicitation, the closest driver will acknowledge the request and picks it from the eatery/store and conveys it to the client’s doorstep. The installment should be possible utilizing numerous installment entryways. Audits, criticism, can be given to the driver and the café/store.

Recruit Services work process

The various administrations go under this recruit administrations. The specialist organization can enlist and different administrations with the goal that the clients can book for the administrations without any problem. The client can get any of the 30+ administrations, for example,

– Beauticians

– Plumbers

– Mechanics

– Electricians

– Doctors

– Pet Care

– Baby-Sitters

– Fitness Trainer

– Maid Services

There is still a lot of administrations accessible. To book the administration, the client first needs to enroll in the application. At that point he/she can book for help with date, time, and area. The accessible specialist organization can acknowledge the solicitation and shows up at the area at the given time and date. After fulfillment of his/her, the client can rate and audit their work.

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