How WHOIS Data is useful?

WHOIS data is indispensable to the graceful operation of the DNS and is employed for several legitimate purposes, including:

To determine whether or not a given domain is out there .
To contact network administrators for resolution of technical matters related to networks associated with a website name (e.g., DNS or routing matter, origin and path analysis of DoS and other network-based attacks).
To diagnose registration difficulties. WHOIS queries provide information that’s often useful in resolving a registration ownership issue, like the creation and expiration dates and therefore the identity of the registrar.
To contact web administrators for resolution of technical matters related to a website name.
To obtain the important world identity, business location and get in touch with information of a web merchant or business, or generally, any organization that has a web presence.
To associate a corporation , organization, or individual with a website name, and to spot the party that’s operating an internet or other publicly accessible service employing a name , for commercial or other purposes.
To contact a website name registrant for the aim of discussing and negotiating a secondary market transaction associated with a registered name .
To notify a website name registrant of the registrant’s obligation to take care of accurate registration information.
To contact a website name registrant on matters associated with the protection and enforcement of property rights.
To establish or check out an identity in cyberspace, and as a part of an event response following an online or computer attack. (Security professionals and enforcement agents use WHOIS to spot points of contact for a website name.)
To gather investigative leads (i.e., to spot parties from whom additional information could be obtained). enforcement agents use WHOIS to seek out email addresses and plan to identify the situation of an alleged perpetrator of a criminal offense involving fraud.
To investigate spam, enforcement agents look to the WHOIS database to gather information on the web site advertised within the spam.


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