Latest Social media updates in 2020 – Instagram

Latest social media updates


Read the complete article to know latest social media updates in Instagram. Instagram knows that influencers  on the platform carry a huge amount of weight and are, in some ways, pretty central to the platform itself.
Users and makes love creators, and that they can actually drive more users over to igtv which they’re desperately hoping to try to to .
Because of this, Instagram is offering new ways for creators to form money on the platform, especially given the tough and unsure economic times.

The last item they need is to possess their entire audience (influencers and every one their audiences) to travel flocking to TikTok instead.
One of the new features they’re offering creators is “badges,” which users can buy during a creator’s IGTV live. These badges will appear next to the user’s name throughout the whole live.
They’ll also get additional features, like having their comments stand out (and therefore making them more likely to catch the attention of the creator) and they’ll gain access to the creator’s list of badge holders.“This sort of behavior is bad for the community… and violates our Community Guidelines and Terms of Use,” it said, reports Xinhua press agency .

Instagram advised its users to not use third-party apps to access their accounts by sharing their username and password, warning that such behavior may have their login information hacked or exposed and their accounts being exploited to send spam.


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