The requirement for simple GoJek clone administration of organizations is developing at a quicker rate as time passes. Particularly on the off chance that you are a multi-administration entrepreneur, at that point, you will continually be engaged with distinguishing an answer that will assist you with checking and deal with your business easily. Each assistance you give will require a fixed measure of manual mediation from the administrator or entrepreneur. Additional assets must be recruited for successful administration if the proprietor thinks that it’s difficult.


Creating and dispatching a GoJek clone app is a one-stop arrangement that will assist you in directing your business effectively. Our prepared specialists will create and redo an application that agrees to your business necessities and guarantees consumer loyalty. Quite a few administrations can be remembered for the multi-administration application, and it makes certain to profit entrepreneurs and clients inside and out.

Advantages of a vigorous Gojek clone application:

An online multi-administration application has a modest bunch of favorable circumstances for clients, specialist co-ops, and the administrator.

Client benefits:

Numerous on-request applications will be supplanted by one single application that includes all the administrations they require.

Less time utilization as any assistance can be benefited with a couple of taps.

Extra room and the presentation of your cell phone will continue as before as clients need to introduce only one application for every one of their necessities.

Specialist organization benefits:

Work hours can be adaptable. They can sign in and work whenever of the day.

This will be a standard type of revenue for them.

Other extra recompenses, for example, food, fuel, and so on, will likewise be given.

Director/Business proprietor benefits:

The board, all things considered, will get easy with this application.

A few wellsprings of income will be accessible to assist you with returning benefits inside and out.

Distinguishing possible regions of advancement will be simple with an audit and rating framework in the application. In this way, the business can be scaled up rapidly.

Thinking about these advantages, numerous entrepreneurs and clients have received the utilization of a multi-administration application. You can likewise dispatch your endeavor with our white-labeled and highlight the rich GoJek clone application.

Income floods of a GoJek application:

As referenced before, the application has various income sources as recorded underneath:


For each solicitation served by specialist organizations, the administrator will be paid a fixed sum as commission. The administrator sets the commission rate, and he/she will deduct and afterward move the income to specialist co-ops. This is a customary type of revenue for the application proprietors.


Lately, numerous applications have embraced this system to create income easily. You can have promotions of different brands on your application and get paid routinely for it.

Selling related items:

Alongside offering types of assistance, items identified with the administration can likewise be sold by means of the online stage. For example, in the event that you incorporate the excellence administration in your application, at that point beautifiers, skincare items, and more can be accessible for procurement.

What are the administrations that can be remembered for the GoJek clone application?

A portion of the regular administrations that can be remembered for the application are referenced beneath:

Taxi administration:

Clients can book a ride by means of the application, and drivers will serve the ride demand. With a couple of taps, clients can travel without any problem.

Food-conveyance administration:

The food conveyance administration will assist clients with getting food conveyed at their doorsteps. Conveyance heads will likewise acquire routinely with this administration.

Wallet administration:

The application can likewise incorporate the online wallet administration by means of which clients can execute on the web and disconnected without any problem. Clients can utilize a solitary application for exchanges rather than the other e-wallet applications.

Basic food item conveyance administration:

Clients can pick the things/items they need and add it to the truck. They would then be able to look at the items and get it conveyed with a couple of steps.

Excellence administration:

Excellence administrations, spa administrations, and more can be offered through the application by proficient specialist co-ops. Clients can rate and audit the administration in the wake of benefiting it.

Medication conveyance:

Clients can arrange medications by transferring remedies to the GoJek clone application. After the check, conveyance heads will get the prescriptions and convey them inside the assessed time.

List of capabilities of a multi-administration application like GoJek clone:

There are a few highlights to be remembered for the multi-administration application. A couple of them are recorded here:

Enrollment alternatives:

Clients can browse numerous choices, for example, join with telephone numbers, email IDs, or web-based media accounts.

Planned appointments:

With this office, clients can plan their arrangements by indicating the right time, date, and area.

Secure installment doors:

There are a few secure installment choices remembered for the GoJek clone application that will assist clients with paying effectively subsequent to benefiting any help they need.

Live area following:

Clients and specialist organizations can follow each other’s live area during a progressing demand. They can likewise get to contact subtleties when required.

Toll assessment:

The application will likewise show the complete passage, flood admission, operational expenses, and the sky is the limit from there. Nitty-gritty solicitations will likewise be accessible in the GoJek clone application, and clients can get to them when required.

Numerous requests:

Clients can put in quite a few solicitations by means of the GoJek clone application for any assistance required. Each request can be followed without any problem.


Clients/clients will be told about offers, conveyance states, and more by means of instant messages, messages, and message pop-ups.

Call and talk uphold:

This office will support clients and specialist co-ops to speak with the help group in the event that they have any worries or inquiries.

Favored dialects:

Clients can see their preferred application in the language. They can pick the language at the hour of enlistment or later by exploring settings.

God’s eye sees:

The administrator can screen and deal with the business effectively with the assistance of this element. They will approach all information.

Accessibility slider:

Specialist organizations will have a slide bar that will assist them in showing their status of accessibility.

Evaluations and surveys:

Clients can rate and audit the administration they benefited from. Specialist co-ops can likewise rate clients on a size of 1-5.


Buy a GoJek clone script from us, and we will modify it totally as per your requirements. We will assist you with including quite a few administrations to the application and make it highlight rich. Converse with our specialists to find out about the multi-administration application improvement.