All these days, the main target is on Digital marketing for very obvious reasons that everything is getting digitalized and marketing is an on-going process. More and more people are becoming engaged in Digital marketing but the share of traditional marketing is additionally not declining. Digital marketing is an extension of traditional marketing. With virtual existence, there must be real existence to make sure maximum reach.

Traditional marketing is that the brick and mortar sort of marketing which has been around for ages. It consists of advertising through newspaper, magazines, TV, radio, posters etc.

Digital marketing is marketing online using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Digital marketing may be a real-time, very effective method with new avenues of digital marketing emerging every single day.


PROS OF TRADITIONAL MARKETING ARE-Reach of the local audience easily: Brick and mortar stores are always popular among the local audience.

By advertising within the newspaper or radio or magazine, you’ll easily reach variety of consumers present in your local area. you want to have seen employees handling flyers to all or any those that travel by their store. So physical presence makes it easier for the local audience to access to brick and mortar stores.
Easy to know : Traditional marketing is usually easy to understand. Before purchasing the merchandise , you’ll try it, understand the things . Anyone who doesn’t have access to the web can have access to stores and since people are using this type of selling since decades, it easier for them to know .
Save hard copiesFlyers, posters, visiting cards are hard copies which the purchasers can save with themselves.

Expensive: Traditional marketing is sort of expensive as compared to digital marketing. Whether you’re doing commercials or radio advertisement or magazine advertisement, traditional marketing involves an enormous cost which everyone cannot afford.
Limited Reach:

Through traditional marketing, the reach is extremely limited. Unlike, Digital marketing, one can have access to your store only it’s locally present.
Difficult to interact with the target audience: there’s no surety whether your ads. are seen or read or heard by the targeted customers. to form matter worse, there’s no tool to gather such information and to analyse it.

Opposite of cons of Traditional marketing is that the pros of digital marketing-

Unlimited reach: Anyone sitting in Australia who wants web designing services from mega web design can contact them directly. there’s no got to distribute posters, flyers to increase your reach.
Real-time results: In digital marketing, many tools help to analyse user data and traffic there then only which isn’t possible in traditional marketing. These tools are extremely useful to work out where the traffic is coming from.
Cost-effective: Digital marketing is cost-effective as compared to traditional marketing. In digital marketing, SEO is that the ‘organic’ and ‘free’ sort of Digital marketing. Even Social media marketing doesn’t consume an enormous amount of cash .

Time-consuming: Digital marketing requires the investment of your time while traditional marketing requires the investment of cost. It takes time for the web site to rank and obtain traffic because there’s immense competition.
Extremely sensitive: Digital marketing is extremely sensitive. One wrong review or bad influence can hamper your business adversely. you can’t control things that go viral. With an outsized number of individuals using social media, it’s a matter of a click to urge something viral.

Regulation by the search engine: There are certain algorithms, rules and regulations that one must follow to plug its brand else Google will ban your website. These algorithms keep updating with time so one must keep a check thereon .
These are some pros and cons of Traditional marketing v/s Digital marketing.

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