Trek the Himalayas – Roopkund Trek

Roopkund Trek is a famous trek in Indid. Roopkund is locally known as Mysterious Lake, is a high altitude glacial lake in the state of Uttarakhand.

Roopkund is high altitude glacial lake within the Uttarakhand state of India. It lies within the lap of Trishul massif. Located within the Himalayas, the world round the lake is uninhabited, and is roughly at an altitude of 16,470 feet (5,020 m),surrounded by rock-strewn glaciers and snow-clad mountains. Roopkund is a popular trekking destination.

Roopkund is understood as a mystery lake and is surrounded by rock-strewn glaciers and snow-clad mountains. The lake is about two metres deep and invites many trekkers and pilgrims per annum

Approx Trekking 53Kms. Roopkund, within the state of Uttarakhand in India, may be a famous glacial lake. This lake is legendary thanks to quite five hundred skeletons of humans that are found at the sting of the lake. it’s located within the Himalayas and rests at an altitude of nearly 4,800 meters.

With a depth of about two metres, Roopkund is widely known for the many ancient human skeletons found at the sting of the lake.The human skeletal remains are visible at its bottom when the snow melts. Research generally points to a semi-legendary event where a gaggle of individuals were killed during a sudden, violent hailstorm within the 9th century due to the human remains, the lake has been called Skeleton Lake in recent times

The land of Uttarakhand may be a land filled with surprises and among these surprises, ROOPKUND, lies gloriously within the Trishul Massif.

The Roopkund Trek trail is full of picturesque elements; from soothing lush meadows to the opened up Alpine Trees and eventually , the captivating snow. This adventure should be in every Trekker’s to-go book. Nestled within the snow, about two metres deep and known for the sightings of skeletons at its edge during the ice-melt, Roopkund Lake has become a well-liked destination for Trekking enthusiasts. The Skeleton Lake, pinned at the guts of the trek comes with a story, which beguiles every traveller and thus, adds a mystic element to the itinerary.

The Trek begins at a base camp and leads on to, GhairoliPatal and BedniBugyal, where an extended trail of just about four hours takes you to PatarNachauni. Finally, after a steep ascent to Kalu Vinayak, you reach Roopkund, through Bhagwabasa.

A heaven for trekkers, but with a horrific twist as you head to the glacial Roopkund Lake. Yes, the trail of this trek actually has many human skeletons scattered everywhere , especially near the sting of the lake. Now that’s what they call walking with the dead – a 1 of its own among all other adventure trips in India. With numerous treks, Uttarakhand boasts together of the simplest adventure sports destinations in India.

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