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Web design is that the process of designing , conceptualizing, and arranging content intended for the web . Modern web design goes beyond how things look  to incorporate how things work . Web design isn’t limited to websites because it includes other uses like web apps, mobile apps, and interface design.

  • Types of web Designs
  • Web design Elements
  • Web design Tools 
1.Types of Web Designs

Although you would possibly encounter articles online that mention an entire bunch of website design styles (fixed, static, fluid, etc), in today’s mobile first world, there are only two ways to properly design a website: adaptive and responsive websites.

web design responsive and adaptive

web design responsive and adaptive

Adaptive websites:

Adaptive web design uses two or more versions of an internet site that are customized for various screen sizes.

When your browser (aka client) connects to an internet site , the HTTP request will include a field called “user-agent” that informs the server about the sort of device attempting to look at the page.

Responsive websites:

Responsive websites use a mixture of flexible grids (based on percentages) with breakpoints (using media queries) to make a custom check out every screen size. Unlike adaptive sites that adapt only they hit a breakpoint, responsive websites are constantly changing consistent with the screen size.

2.Web design Elements
web design elements

web design elements

When designing an internet site , it’s imperative to think about both the design and therefore the functionality of the location . Integrating these elements into the planning will help maximize the performance of the location , no matter how performance is measured. for instance , did you recognize that, due to program optimization Visual elements

Here’s a fast overview of the weather you would like to think about in your design to form sure everything looks good!

Written copy

Fundamentally, the design of an internet site and its words go hand in hand. the 2 should never really be considered separate. Having your designers and content writers work together, rather than in sequence, can enable a more powerful design.


When designing an internet site , it’s imperative to settle on easy-to-read font pairings that complement the planning .


Colors are one among the foremost important elements to think about when designing an internet site . confine mind that there are tons of misconceptions about the psychology of color.


How you opt to rearrange your content will have a dramatic impact on both the looks and functionality of your site.

Although there aren’t any specific rules when it involves website layouts, there are definitely some principles you ought to follow.


The use of graphical elements in web design has really began over the past few years.

Images & Icons

Amazing designs can communicate tons of data in only a couple of seconds. one among the ways to accomplish this is often through the utilization of powerful images and icons.


Videos are an increasing trend amongst web designers. 


No one likes slow websites. no matter how nice your design is, if it doesn’t load within an inexpensive time


There are plenty of web animation techniques which will help your design accomplish a good range of tasks, from grabbing a user’s attention to giving feedback on certain interactions with content like buttons or forms.

Site structure

A website’s structure plays a crucial role in both user experience and SEO. If people are becoming lost navigating through your site, likelihood is that , crawlers will too.

3.Web design Tools:
Web Design tools

Web Design tools

There are two main ways to style a website: employing a desktop app or employing a website builder. The tool you opt to use will vary greatly based upon your team size, your budget, the sort of site, and its technical requirements.

Desktop apps

The most popular desktop apps for designing an internet site are Photoshop and Sketch. This process requires designers to create out a design before sending it to a development team to convert the planning to code.

Typically, this is often  standard for giant or complex websites because it allows the designer to specialise in the design and feel while transferring all the technical challenges to the dev team.

Website builders

There are several website building options on the market today. Not all of them are often considered “web design tools” as editing limitations can make it very difficult to make something custom without having to believe code.

For example, although WordPress is that the most used website platform, it’s not very fashionable with visual designers. Typically, it’s employed by developers who implement designs.