1. all of your operations as one system
Restaurant management systems are rapidly making inroads into the present restaurant back end architecture. One single system that takes care of the majority of your operations and also integrates the revenue generating functions like planning, marketing, and analytics. Added thereto , it also syncs easily with other systems resulting in simple operations and more incoming cash!

2. Run your software anywhere, anytime
You don’t need to sit behind a desk at your restaurant anymore. you’ll operate from anywhere. The mobile restaurant billing software works on all mobile devices and tablets. Once the software is integrated into your device, you’re good to travel and may operate from even the remotest of locations (provided you’ve got access to the web of course).

3. Automate your restaurant management processes
Once data is collected into your POS, you’ll set-up an automatic workflow. Your billing software are going to be linked not only to the Kitchens, facilitating faster order turnarounds, but also link to your marketing set-up, analytics, feedback and loyalty systems.

4. Employee tracking
Restaurant billing software now needs you to clock in when your shift starts. With every order, all the specified customer and payment details get recorded. this enables you to trace which employee is liable for which era period and employee management becomes tons easier.

5. GST enabled
Modern billing software is made to make sure strong compliance with GST. you’ll now forward the GST invoices to your customers via SMS, Email and be 100% tax compliant.