Lyft Clone Application

We are one of the leading location-based mobile app and Ola / Lyft Clone with share pool script development company. Our Lyft Clone with share pool app package gives you your own Uber-like app which will boost you ahead in this competitive market. We provide you a customisable source code script for iOS and Android for your customers and drivers. In just 7 days, we will give you a ready-to-use technically advanced yet user-friendly Uber clone app package, white-labelled with your brand name and logo in a language and currency of your choice.

What’s more? We also launch iOS and Android native apps for your customers and drivers and get your apps approved and upload them on iOS AppStore and Android Play store. You can use our complete taxi booking app solution to kick start your business. As an admin, you will have complete power over the functioning of your business at your fingertips and can use data derived from the app to plan future business moves. Get more location based service applications through us at unbelievable prices.

Lyft Application Features 

Sophisticated Services
You can add many cab types like Micro, Mini, Sedan, Prime cabs, and much more. You can also adjust the fares accordingly from low to high similar to Lyft.
Easy Editing
One of the essential advantages of clone script is it can be edited and redeveloped with a minimum effort. Clone script applications are catching up fast in the market in contrast with the ones built initially as natively built applications.
svssFriend Referral
Using the app, one can earn money by referring a friend. You can check the rate cards, add emergency contacts, etc.. The app is one such gem for the entrepreneurs who are aspiring to set foot on the taxi dispatching platform.
svssAble to Handle Many Users
The app is a Cloud-based mobile software application, which helps it to handle many users at a time. User authentication is the first step; then, it will redirect the page to the map module.
svssFaster Than Hybrid
Even though hybrid apps are making their way into the market, the clone scripts are one such thing that is easy to develop and implement. For business providers, the Lyft clone script is one such example for it.a
svssEasy Integration to other modules
Keep a complete track of all the vehicles under your fleet. It starts right from the moment of registration until the recent update of the report.

svssTracking with GPS

Users have to keep the GPS ON all the time to locate them on the map. It helps the user to find the cabs nearby. Users can see the nearby taxis and also can select them according to their budget.


The application is entirely effortless, and its a boon for entrepreneurs to purchase it and customize it according to their wish. It is one of the easiest ways to build the application as per the user’s convenience. It saves a lot of time as well as it cuts a considerable expense.

Robust Functionality

There are many alternatives to lyft in the market. They are not catching up on the markets, as it is not pretty easy to make the applications. They are not robust and are below par with the original app in case of the functionality.

svssTidy User Interface

Cabily is a complete clone of the taxi application Lyft. It has one of the best user interfaces that allow users to access the services effortlessly.

svssFully Automated

This app is a Ridesharing Software, as it has some of the coolest features that will make the customers allure over the application. Generally, clone scripts are consuming lesser time in the development perspective as someone has already done the initial application layout. For instance, the Lyft App Clone is one of the behaviors of application that needs to be changed.

svssE-Wallet System

It also has a wallet system that helps the customer to add money in there and use it to pay the fare when the customer takes a ride. The user needs to type the destination point to book a cab manually; upon this, the user needs to confirm the trip so that the taxi will arrive at the user’s place, which is similar to the Lyft as it is a Carpooling Software.

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