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Get a perfect start on launching an incredible on-demand multi-service application! With our Gojek clone, We provide services such as delivery, transportation, house maintenance, grooming services, and more packaged in one feature-rich magnificent application.


Gojek Clone – App Development


A Gojek clone app is a ready-made solution which helps you to offer multiple on-demand services from a single application. It can cater to a number of services such as on-demand transportation, delivery and household maintenance services. The app comes preloaded with essential features that can be customized and scaled according to business requirements.

We are now developing an app like GoJek for entrepreneurs across the world. The GoJek clone app is an amalgam of a variety of on-demand services onto a single platform. SV Soft’s whitelabel solutions are highly customizable and integrated with a myriad of features to choose from. Our ready-made solutions help your startup to innovate and grow faster than your counterparts.

Algorithm we use

Supplier Pick Model

Buyer will select the service and system algorithmic-ally matches by sending requests to the list of service providers. E.g. A user requests a ride which is sent to the nearest available service provider or highest rated or any other pre-defined criterion. Once the requested is accepted by your partner, the customer receives the details about the ETA.


Buyer Pick Model

Also called Double commit model, where a buyer can fill certain details and request for services. Buyers will be presented with a list of service providers with their profile history. They can interact with the service provider to choose the one best suited for their requirements. Service providers can accept/reject a request from the buyer.

Our package Will Include

Website installation
In addition to the app, we will also provide your business with a website.
White Labeling
You can use your own branding and logo on this white labelled app. You will rightly be the owner of your application
We strictly follow the non-disclosure policy and your app or branding will never be revealed by us. Your app will be completely yours.
User-friendly design
Our Gojek clone apps’ user-friendly and responsive design will work bug-free on all devices such as mobiles, laptops or tablets.
Licensed Source Code
We know that technology keeps evolving and so should your app. We provide you with the source code that can be customized to your requirements whenever and however you want to
Multiple currencies
If you want to launch your application internationally, currency should not restrict you from doing so. With our Gojek clone script, you can enable the use of any currency.
We will launch your app in both Android and iOS platforms, considering all regulations and ensuring that it gets approved.
Added Languages
Don’t let language act as a barrier in your business. Launch your app in any language to reach a wider market.

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