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GoJek Clone Script & Apps solution is designed, crafted and compiled to work same as Go-Jek with beyond extra features that presently not provide in an original.



Gojek Clone – App Development

Gojek Clone – App Development

Gojek Clone – App Development

Apps Clone Source Code Provide powerful on-line taxi booking system that is particular need to manage your car-hailing business. With easy to use car booking mobile app customer can book the ride directly through their mobile device.

Our App supports flexible vehicle options where the admin can add multiple bike/car types under numerous categories. Customers can choose the vehicle according to the number of passengers.

The fares vary depending on the type of vehicle customers choose. The owner can set multiple vehicle categories for different services. Both categories and vehicle types will vary for services like food delivery, Ride-hailing services, and courier services.

Algorithm we use

Supplier Model

Gojek started with two-wheelers and now expanded services with four-wheelers in just two years. Our Go-Jek app clones have made taxi booking services easier to many people, and our scripts make the process of building your business faster and stable.

If you would like to build an App like Gojek, you can purchase our turnkey software and launch instantly by saving time and money. Start offering multiple services on-demand with our app and earn commissions on every booking.

Gojek Clone – App Development

Gojek Clone – App Development

Buyer Model

Buyer Model

Buyer  Model

It’s worth investing in Gojek-like application as Go-Jek is highly successful, and its valuation crossed a whopping . It is the clone of GoJek. If you see the script of Gojek, you will see the features completely identical to GoJek. It has tons of features like Driver Management, location tracking, commission management, Tips management, intelligent routing, integrated Ai, automatic dispatch, cancellation management, and much more.

The SvSoft team carefully handcrafted this application and delivered it to both iOS and Android versions. It is a ready-to-use software at an affordable cost.

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Our package Will Include


Users can easily edit the profile any time to add/remove the information they want to change, like adding photos, adding a bio, and DOB. The app doesn’t store any information without the approval of the user.


Customers don’t need to search and enter the address every time as the app has an in-built memory to save unlimited addresses. They can save many addresses under different labels.


Customers can make a service booking instantly, or they can also schedule later inside our app. The application will automatically trigger the request to the nearby taskers immediately to make a booking.


Customers can keep track of all the bookings made in the past like taxi bookings, services requested, money paid, payment method, tips, and taxes.


This module allows the customers to pay using any of their convenient payment methods like a credit card, debit card, wallet, PayPal, and stripe. Flexible payment options in attract customers.


Users can check the rates of a trip or a service before making a booking. They can browse through the rate card to know the exact price of the trip/service before booking.


With the Gojek app, users can share their live location with others using a link. With that link, their friends can task real-time from any part of the world. Customers can also share their rides, service experiences in social media.


Real-time vehicle tracking is the process of tracking the vehicle seamlessly & continuously. It is made possible in our app by using an in-built GPS. Real-time monitoring is available for all users at free of cost.

svssSMS alerts

Automated SMS alerts get dispatched to customers and drivers/taskers instantly for every update. It will help them to plan accordingly and stay updated.

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