Enable your customers with the latest mode of rideshare services in the market via this innovative Rapido clone. Bike taxis are all the rage in today’s taxi business due to their convenience, ease of use, and ability to zip through traffic. Become a part of this robust industry by getting in touch with us today.

rapido clone software in vizag

Let’s build your own Rapido Clone Solution

On-demand bike taxi apps are the wave of the future. With the success of taxi services such as Uber and Ola, the industry has been clamoring for the next big thing in this robust sector. This opportunity has come in the form of bike taxi app development.

Ride sharing is not a new idea, but the advent of mobile app development combined with the ever-increasing availability of mobile phones to the common man, bike taxis have become a fan favorite among users. Bike cabs have been a popular phenomenon in numerous countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, India and Cambodia.

With the arrival of the on-demand services enabled by mobile apps, bike taxi app development has seen a huge rise in popularity. Our Rapido clone app encapsulates the best of what the bike taxi world has to offer in a simple and affordable way.

Take the ride to success with our innovative Rapido clone script.

How Does the Rapido Clone Script Work?

Ride Request

Passenger requests a ride using the Rapido clone app. The request is sent to all the drivers in the vicinity.

Ride Acceptance

The driver accepts the request. Once done, the pick-up and drop location of the passenger is sent to the driver.

Pick up

The driver reaches the passenger’s location and verifies their identity using a unique PIN. The ride then commences.


The passenger can track their route in real-time using the application, and the ride is deemed complete when the destination is reached.


The passenger is prompted with the fare details in the Rapido clone. They can pay either directly to the driver or pay through card/make a digital payment within the app.


As a follow-up, the passenger is prompted to rate their ride experience and leave any feedback they want to convey.

Advanced Features

rapido clone software in vizag
Web bookings
Offering the ability to book on multiple platforms to attract new customers and keep existing ones
In-app Chat
Boost up the experience by allowing passengers, drivers and other staff to converse via in-app chat options.
Pick-up suggestions
Passengers are directed towards “quick pick up” points near them for an even smoother service.
Ride Passes
Regular customers can be provided with passes on a multiple ride basis that offer discounted rates.

Web Panel Demo

Username: demoadmin

Password: 123456

Technologies that power our Rapido Clone Script

We specialize in numerous current and next-gen technology to bring your dream bike taxi application to life.

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