7 Best Seo on Page Optimization Techniques

Search Engine Optimization on page optimization is one among the techniques you want to improve traffic to an internet site by obtaining a high-rank placement within the search engine Results Page (SERP) like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. Now i am sharing Best Seo On-Page Optimization techniques.


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SEO has three important techniques to enhance website position in SERP (search engine result page)
1)Technical SEO
2)ON Page SEO
3)OFF Page SEO 
Let’s us explore one by one now.
Technical SEO:
This is just one occasion work which we neutralize domain and hosting level. Like installing https for your domain, extending domain registration length, website overall loading time, robots.txt optimization, proper custom 404 error page etc.,
ON Page SEO:
It refers to all or any the items that we do within our website like title, description, content, image, keyword stuffing, internal linking, etc. Overall the on-page technique means structuring or building your website to be program friendly.
Off Page SEO
Off-page SEO will help make your website popular on the web , so you’ll get more visibility. With the on-page techniques we will get visibility in SERP(search engine result page) However off page SEO techniques will help improve your website position in SERP.


Top 7 on page SEO techniques for 2020.


1.Wrap Your Blog Post Title in an H1 Tag and sub heading in H2 Tag

Header tags have their own place on a page and need to be utilized in a correct order starting together with your h1. The h1 tag should contain your targeted keywords, ones that closely relate to the page title and are relevant to your content. The h2 tag may be a subheading and will contain similar keywords to your h1 tag. It is one of the Best Seo On-Page Optimization techniques

2.Use External (Outbound) Links and Internal (Inbound links)

External links to related pages helps Google find out your page’s topic. It also shows Google that your page may be a hub of quality info.And this isn’t just a theory. the parents at Reboot Online ran an experiment to ascertain if external links helped improve rankings.They created 10 new websites. half the websites linked bent authority sites (like Oxford University). the opposite half had no external links.And the websites with external links outranked the sites without them.

3.Use Title Tag Modifiers

So what are modifiers?

Modifiers are words that folks add on to a base keyword when trying to seek out more relevant search leads to an enquiry engine. They include adjectives, materials, slang, shopping terms, verbs, questions and anything that might bring back a more relevant result. you’ll use one modifiers for more general queries or combine them to form long tail keyword phrases.
Using modifiers like “best”, “guide”, “checklist”, “numbers” ,“fast” and “review” can assist you rank for long tail versions of your target keyword.

For example, our guide to learning SEO includes the modifiers “New” “awesome” and “guide”.

4.Unique Content

Top 4  Tips for Creating Unique Content For Your Website

1)Start by Creating Original and latest,

2)Unique Stories,

3)Capture Your Audience’s Attention With a robust title Headline Provide Useful,

4)Relevant questions and Answers. Add Relevant Visual Content to Your Site

always remember one thing in seo “content is king”

5.Give ALT tags to your images and Optimisation of image

What are ALT Tags? ALT tags or ALT attributes are “alternative text” for a picture . ALT tags are wont to describe the image or what the image is representing. one among the most purposes of ALT tags is for the advantage of visually impaired users who use screen readers when browsing.it was Best Seo On-Page Optimization techniques

6.Impress Deeply with Multimedia

Engaging with images and videos will improve your site traffic ,it will attract your customers and hold them for long time so always keep in mind that Multimedia is always important in content , attract them with colors, it is also a one of the ranking factor in search engine optimisation technique



7.Boost Your Page Speed

In fact, 47% of consumers expect websites to load in two seconds or less. And 40% will abandon a page that takes three or more seconds.

If your site takes quite three seconds to load, you lose almost half of your visitors before they even arrive on your site to explore

That alone may be a huge loss to your potential conversions.

And for the visitors that plan to stick around, your slow load times can deter them from returning within the future. In one survey, 79% of consumers said they might not return to a site with poor performance