The most recent innovation in secretariat security will be utilized for managing section and leave, giving passes to guests, and guaranteeing fire wellbeing as a component of patching up.

Secretariat security

The move comes in the wake of the August fire in the Secretariat and a couple of episodes of trespass by fomenters who scaled the iron railings of the limit divider.

After the fire in August, the Cabinet had entrusted Additional Chief Secretary, Home, T.K. Jose to improve security at the administration had likewise needed strides to improve the border security of the structure and better screening of guests.

Boards framed

The Chief Secretary will head the five-part significant level Secretariat Security Committee that will investigate patching up the current courses of action. The Additional Chief Secretary, Home, and Vigilance; the Additional Chief Secretary, Finance; the Principal Secretary, GAD; and the State Police Chief will be the individuals.

In accordance with the administration mandate, Chief Secretary Vishwas Mehta has set up a four-part elevated level board to propose and execute measures to redo the security. The Principal Secretary, General Administration, will be the administrator of this execution board of trustees. Head Secretary, PWD; Secretary, Home and Vigilance; and the District Police Chief, Thiruvananthapuram City; will be the individuals.

The council has been approached to propose all measures and innovative establishments for patching up security. The administration has given proper requests establishing both the councils.

‘A fire hazard’

The fire security rehearses were exposed to review by the Electrical Inspectorate and the Kerala State Disaster Management Authority after the August burst, however, the specialists are yet to discover the explanation. The Fire and Rescue Department had before discovered the nineteenth-century vintage assembling a fire hazard.

The Secretariat is one of the 15 spaces/establishments on the rundown of exceptional zones in the capital.