Steps to Launch your UberEats Clone App Amid COVID 19

Steps to Launch your UberEats Clone App Amid COVID 19

This coronavirus pandemic season has bought the fear of contacting people for his or her needs. So, this leads them to try to to all their daily needs by themselves. The health and economic sectors of the planet face the worst case scenario thanks to this pandemic. While the doctors, police, health care workers, etc are working day and night, businesses, industries also are facing an enormous loss of resources and lockdown rules.these are the Steps to Launch your UberEats Clone App Amid COVID 19 

1. Co-ordinate the Network

The online food ordering and the delivery system contains mainly three applications namely the restaurant app, driver app, and therefore the user app. Your primary goal is to manage and maintain different entities simultaneously. Let’s check out that intimately below,

Draft an agreement that might be too easy for all the restaurants from higher to local chains of restaurants. This makes many restaurant owners check in with you and therefore the number of restaurants on your platform increases. As a result the speed of sustainability also will be more. this is often the pandemic period where you and therefore the restaurants can get really huge orders and profit. this is often sort of a golden period as restaurants have only delivery because the only means of reaching the purchasers . Even after the coronavirus period, the restaurants can enhance this online profit method with their regular sales.

According to the IMF, there are 39 million job losses up to now. Taking under consideration the delivery workers on the gig economy, you’ll hire freelancers, part-time workers,etc . you’ll save a quite amount of your budget.

All the strategies are waste if your application or website cannot handle the traffic. it’s suggested to oversee all of your servers and databases effectively in order that your users can come across a flawless navigation.

2. perform the Strategies

For the efficient functioning of your application, you’ve got to implement certain strategies also for regulating. These are,

To break the chain of virus transmission, incorporate zero contact deliveries together with your users and therefore the delivery professionals. they’re called the contact less distribution system. To implement this technique you’ll disable the action of “COD – Cash On Delivery” for the users. Adoption of digital modes of transaction is one among the most strategies to be implemented to remain safe during this pandemic.

Include a Report feature, where the users can cancel the order if he/she feels the non-compliance of the safety-measures by the delivery professional. this will be enabled for the restaurants too! If and as long as the user considers that the food is unsafe.

3. Look Over the security Measures

To improve your quality of trustworthiness, it’s vital for you to certify your customers that the platform’s food and orders are contamination free.

As restaurants are the cardinal foundation of this business. in order that they need the very best level of safety measures. So confirm that they stand by all the strict hygiene procedures and norms. Adhere to all or any these before signing it all up. this might include washing of all the kitchen utensils frequently, checking and monitoring the temperature regularly, etc.

Food safety isn’t the sole thing that we should always absorb account, you furthermore may got to concentrate the packages on the foods. which will also help in breaking the chain. Command the restaurants to double cover the foods to avoid the contamination. Offering hand sanitizers and private Protective Equipment (PPE) to the workers and delivery professionals will help to stop the community spread.